13:00 DFS Čečinka Children Folk Ensemble

14:00 Polemic

15:00 Official opening, the coronation of the King of Goose Dishes

15:00 Royal banquet and dining

16:15 Malalata Balkan Beats

17:45 Vajnory Beautification Association

18:45 Družina Slovak Folk Band

20:00 Klnka Children´s Folk Ensemble & Kochanski Music Band

21:15 Čarovné ostrohy Dance Ensemble performing the show titled “Rockom krokom”

22:30 Igor Kmeťo Jr.

Presented by: Richard Vrablec & Lenka Debnárová

Accompanying Events:

• Farm Fest - traditional craft, gastronomic and product particularities of Bratislava Region

• A period tavern offering local beer and having non-traditional waiting staff

• The coronation of the King of Goose Dishes with the participation of Maria Theresa and ceremonial procession. The show of a royal way of dining

• 17th Days of Open Doors in Goose Specialities Restaurants, buy a ticket www.ticketportal.sk