The Bratislava Self-Governing Region and Bratislava Region Tourism are glad to invite you to visit the picturesque municipality of Slovenský Grob which will become the Kingdom of Goose Specialities on the 1st of September at 1pm for the third time already. Royal experience will be ensured by the coronation of the King with the attendance of Maria Theresa, accompanied by a royal banquet, period tavern and delicious dishes along with a rich musical as well as cultural programme. The event of the Kingdom of Goose Dishes aims at showing that goose specialities are offered throughout the whole year and not only from September to January.


The Kingdom of Goose Specialities on September 1st, 2018 in Slovenský Grob

Slovensky Grob village will change into a Kingdom of Goose once again on Saturday 1st of September. You will find there not only tasty traditionally roasted geese but also Farm Fest markets, Days of Open Restaurants, rich cultural and musical programme, contemporary style inn and much more.


As part of the Kingdom of Goose we are bringing you Farm Fest markets whose aim is to show visitors traditional crafts and offer delicious regional specialties and neat products. There will be up to 20 different vendors offering you the best of our region.

On the occasion of the 18th annual Open Days of goose restaurants, we have prepared for you a tasting menu for a discounted price of only 8€, which you will be able to enjoy in all 7 restaurants grouped under the Goose Guild after purchasing an entry ticket for €2. The discount applies only if visitors pay the entry fee of 2€, otherwise all meals can be purchased for regular prices depending on the restaurants‘ menu. You can purchase the tickets here:

In addition, the event will be accompanied by the coronation of the King of Goose, festive parade and the attack on the Kingdom of Goose. Visitors will also get to enjoy a medieval tavern offering local beers and a truly unusual service for the whole day.

We are also thinking of the youngest visitors and that is why we have invited Ela Hop at 16:15 – a children entertainment group who will ensure all the kids will have fun too. At 17:30 we will bring an amazing puppet show! Moreover, for the entire duration of the event the kids will have the opportunity to make their own souvenir in one of the 5 craftmanship stalls.

More info can be found here: See you there at 1pm!

Kingdom of Goose, 1.9.2018 in Slovensky Grob


13:00 Vajnory folk association presenting traditions and the culture of Vajnory

14:00 Opening ceremony with the coronation of the King of Goose and the attack on the Kingdom of Goose

15:00 Folk dance group Čečinka

16:15 Elá Hop – entertainment for children

17:45 MEDD band

19:00 Malalata Balkan beats

21:00 Funkiez

17:30 Puppet show

Hosts: Richard Vrablec and Ivan Binďo Bindas

More info can be found here:

See you there at 1pm :-)